Recently, I've been doing a lot of training, consulting and teaching people how to get better at product design. A while ago, I even got a chance to become a visiting lecturer of UX & product design at my former university. While I still believe nothing beats craft and spending enough hours on projects (even side projects) and getting enough feedback from other designers, users and clients to actually get good, I compiled this list of tutorials, books and courses that I used to get me where I am right now and recommend to everyone who wants to up their game.

Since some of these things here are classics (like Bringhurst's “Elements of Typographic Style”), some will be expanded and some are in the constant state of flux (like prototyping tools and front-end stuff), the plan is to expand and maintain this list as I go. Check the last updated date below to know if you're getting the fresh version.

I an currently lining up projects for Q2 2019, if you need product design help, get in touch!

Last updated: 26th October 2018 (added Figma resources, clean up)

Special thanks: Graham Tyler Wong 👏 who had the entire thing saved in Evernote and saved me from a hosting mess-up that made me lose all the content here

Design process


Patterns & best practices

Information architecture

Handling stakeholders


Designing & managing products

Design principles

Working with guidelines, style guides, and design systems


Design sprints

Crafting a value proposition

Emotional design

Content strategy

Graphic design & branding

Designing animation


Front-end development



Responsive web design

General knowledge


Psychology, economics, behavior


Entrepreneurship & startups

Important events & conferences