A Playlist for Learning Design

Warning: Due to server failure, I lost a lot of the data in here and I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the list, so it might be incomplete in places. Check back for updates.

Recently, I've been doing a lot of training, consulting and teaching people how to get better at product design. I still believe nothing beats craft and spending enough hours on projects (even side projects) and getting enough feedback from other designers, users and clients to actually get good, but I think this is a good list to expand your knowledge.

Since some of these things here are classics (like Bringhurst's “Elements of Typographic Style”), some will be expanded and some are in the constant state of flux (like prototyping tools and front-end stuff), the plan is to expand and maintain this list as I go. Check the last updated date below to know if you're getting the fresh version.

Last updated: 19th March 2015

Design process

Handling client projects

Designing with your clients
Design is a job
You’re my favorite client


A closer look at UX personas
Design personas tutorial from MailChimp director of UX, Aarron Walter
Design personas
The Persona Lifecycle

Design principles

Dieter Rams principles of good product design
Principles of good design
d.mindsets - principles for designing using the d.school method school of thinking
Universal Principles of Design
Konigi User Interface guidelines library

Working with UI guidelines & style guides

Creating style guides
Creating a killer style guide
Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Google Material Design language
Brand style guide examples


Just enough research
UX metrics & analytics

Crafting a value proposition

How to create a value proposition
Value Proposition Canvas method
Achieving a product/market fit
Value proposition design

Emotional design

Don Norman on design & emotion
Designing for Emotion
Well designed
Emotional design: Why we love and hate everyday products
Design techniques to incite user emotion
The personality layer

Content strategy

The elements of content strategy
Content strategy for mobile
Content strategy for professionals

UI Animation

Designing meaningful UI animation
Pasquale D'Silva — Designing with animation

Graphic design & branding

Creative workshop: 80 challenges to sharpen your design skills
Steal like an artist
Logo design love


Five simple steps to better typography
Butterick’s Practical Typography
Typography for Lawyers
On web typography
Thinking with type
The elements of typographic style

Front-end development


HTML5 for web designers
CSS3 for web designers
MDN CSS getting started guide
MDN HTML getting started guide
Codecademy HTML/CSS
Introduction to Sass
Sass for web designers
The Sass Way
Getting started with Compass


Basics of JavaScript
JavaScript: The good parts
Egghead.io: JavaScript
Codecademy JavaScript
A re-introduction to JavaScript
Human JavaScript
Eloquent JavaScript
JavaScript: The Right Way
Learn ES6
Replace CoffeeScript with ECMAscript 6
Egghead.io: Angular.js
Egghead.io: React.js

Responsive web design

Responsive web design, Ethan Marcotte’s book
Responsible responsive web design

General knowledge

Writing maintainable front-end systems
Object-oriented CSS
Scalable and modular architecture for CSS (SMACSS)
Using OOCSS principles in Sass
BEM: Block, Element Modifier


Design + Code


Design better and faster with rapid prototyping
Creating interactive prototypes with Keynote
Framer.js & Framer Studio

Psychology, economics, behaviour

How to win friends and influence people
Hooked: How to build habit-forming products
Blink: The power of thinking without thinking
Thinking fast and slow


Design Details Podcast
99% Invisible
Design Matters with Debbie Millman
You are not so smart

Entrepreneurship & startups

Burn your portfolio
Art, Inc.
Traction: Startup guide to getting customers
The lean startup
Zero to one
Creativity for sale

Additional resources

ZURB Product Design University
Design Weekly
Product Design Weekly
UX design from A-Z
Becoming a better designer
Psychology for product designers
Design and VC
The best interface is no interface

Important events & conferences

Google I/O
UX London
UX Munich