You've arrived here, because you are running (or want to start running) a design event and somehow I came up in your Google search results. Welcome!

My name is Mariusz and I'm a product designer and a curious generalist with over a decade of experience. I like wearing many hats, both figuratively and literally, so I've been working with all sorts of product teams, agencies and consulting for large corporates over the course of my career. Most recently, I co-founded and lead product efforts at Lifetramp, a mentorship platform covered extensively by media all around the world, spawning its own national reality TV show and even a lesson plan for school kids.

I enjoy being on the bleeding edge of technology and constantly learning and acquiring new skills, which makes my personal story, as well as most of my personal projects, a constant minefield of experiments.

Previous Speaking Engagements

I have experience speaking about product design, leading product & design teams. So far, I spoke at multiple conferences and meetups, including

as well as countless other smaller meetups and conferences. I'm also a guest lecturer at User Experience and Product Design Course at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland, where I spend my time teaching students on basics of visual design, human perception, as well as more technical aspects of creating, managing and scaling visual design inside a design team.

Things I Am Comfortable Speaking About

  • User-centered product design, from conception to implementation
  • Rapid prototyping, testing and developing ideas into fully fledged products
  • Designing visual identity guidelines, style guides and design systems
  • Helping companies establish a lean — scalable, repeatable, measurable — design process
  • Managing, mentoring and leading design and product teams

Areas I'm familiar with

Those are basically things I did before and can do, some better, some worse.

  • Front-end development, especially on the design side (Sass, Less, PostCSS, creating scalable styling solutions etc.)
  • Just enough user research

Couple of things I worked on thus far


No proper landing page would be done without testimonials, so here you go:

Mariusz did an incredible job of taking a lot of different, seemingly unrelated, parts of our app and created an integrated design foundation for the whole product. He really focused on sustainable design and built us a style guide with components that we can use to grow the product over time while still maintaining the core vision.

Danielle Chircop, Product Director, KITE – Kaplan International Tools for English, where I helped design & build an online learning platform for ELEVEN

Mariusz's help came at a critical time for me when I was learning more about the daily ins and outs of the product design career. He gave me well thought out visual critiques on my portfolio and also gave me the accountability that I would actually commit to making those changes. He was readily available to help answer any questions I may had and also provided abundance of resources that helped me keep learning when we were not face to face. Oh, he's also a big fan of Adventure Time, which is always a plus.

Ye Heon Shin, Product Designer at Meetup, who I mentored back when he was a Design Intern at Oak Studios

Mariusz has an incredibly knowledge–based approach to design, that helped me as a CTO to easily get behind the framework he built for everything from brand to product. Whenever I need to decide which design angle is best for us, Mariusz asks the right questions to get me there.

Arvid E. Picciani, former CTO at airfy, with whom we worked together at airfy

Mariusz was an important asset for our big redesign. His code skills makes him a great hybrid to work with. Extremely self-driven and effective, and takes decisions that are perfectly aligned with our product, which is, the single most important feature I look for in designers.

Elin Aram, Lead Designer at XYO who worked with me directly during a large XYO UI overhaul

Me somewhere else

You can find me in any given social media outlet, including but not limited to:

If that sounds like a good match for the event you're looking speakers for, let's talk.