A little introduction: This whole post started as a very personal note in my Evernote, but talking to one of my favorite baristas about why we are where we are in my lives and what we stand for, I thought that I’ll make it into a post to share my story and maybe encourage some of you out there struggling to get your company / business / side project off the ground.

For the last couple of years we’ve been working really hard to get Lifetramp from the initial launch to successful company. People came, people went, we had some great ideas, some bad ideas, some recognition and some harsh criticism. There were and still are times where we feel we’re on top of the world and times where we just struggle to get anything done. By all means, we’re still in the infamous “trough of sorrow” phase that every young ambitious startup goes through. We’re slowly starting to see the light in the tunnel, but we’re not yet at the point where we can scream “We made it!” from the mountaintop.

One day, I wrote two things in my notebook to remind me why I’m doing this in the times where things are hard. When things get really hard, I look at those as a mission statement: a bold idea that led us to finding the company and embarking on the journey in the first place.

Everyone Deserves to Do What They Love

I’m in this great position in life where I can do what I love doing, design, for a living. I found this out early on, at a time when I didn’t have many commitments and I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of people who were willing to invest in me while I learned. I’m incredibly grateful for having this opportunity in my life and I always wished everyone would have the same.

While I can’t solve the time and money investment problem (yet, but I wouldn’t mind tackling it some day when I have a chance), I really want to at least help people find the thing they are really passionate about doing and change their path in an unexpected way.

Sharing Your Passion With Others is One of the Greatest Ways to Grow

This is something I learned when I got better at design and started teaching others – whether it’s through working with younger designers, writing, or talking at conferences and meetups, I find sharing and teaching as one of my favorite ways to grow as a designer.

Through Lifetramp, we are hoping to open a platform where everyone can become a mentor. No matter how mundane you think your job is, there is probably someone out there who is willing to come out and spend a day with you and be excited about it. From what we’ve heard so far from our mentors and what I can attest myself, spending a day with a stranger taking in everything you do not only reinvigorates you and gives you force to push forward, it also opens you up to all sorts of external input that you wouldn’t receive otherwise.

Hell, this stranger might even solve this problem that you’ve had for months, just cause they didn’t spend months on it and didn’t develop tunnel vision.
Those are the two things that are very high level and that I believe in. Those are the things that pushed me towards starting Lifetramp and persevering through good and bad. Those aren’t clear goals, just a mission statement that I’m willing to make sacrifices for.

I highly encourage you to find yours and make it happen, following it like the North Star through all sorts of struggles.

It just might end up being worth it in the end.